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    Dong-Hun Shin, Dae-Hwan Jung, Dong-Chan Kim, Jong-Wook Ham, and Seong-Ook Park, “A Distributed FMCW Radar System Based on Fiber-Optic Links for Small Drone Detection”, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol. 66, Iss. 2, Feb. 2017 



    This paper discusses a distributed frequency modulation continuous wave radar system. This K-band radar system has high sensitivity, linearity, and flatness to detect low-radar cross section targets and measure their range and velocity. To reduce the leakage between a transmitter and a receiver, the system uses not RF cables but fiber-optic links that have low distortion characteristics and low propagation loss. The transmitter and the receiver are each mounted on a designed fixture to reduce the ground reflections. In addition, they are located on different platforms to reduce the leakage signal flowing directly from the transmitter to the receiver. Measurements in terms of the range and the velocity of a small drone have been carried out to evaluate the proposed distributed radar system. The results show that we can clearly detect the small drone within a 500 m range, which demonstrates the high sensitivity of the system and high isolation between the transmitter and the receiver.


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